Monday, April 9, 2012

GFCF (Dye Free) Cake Pops

GFCF Easter Cake Pop
I always have my eye out for creative holiday GFCF treats. There are so many food items that my son cannot have that I strive to make the most of what he can have. After seeing an infomercial for a cake pop pan and an advertisement for vegan white chocolate chips, I thought I'd give this GFCF cake pop idea a try.

For the cake batter, I used Pure Pantry's chocolate cake mix. I've never used Pure Pantry so I was curious about it. I followed the directions on the bag and I can't believe how beautiful the cake balls turned out.
Perfect Cake Pop Balls
They were perfect and there was no batter leakage on the cake pop pan. Unfortunately, the flavor of the cake was not my favorite. It was flat and flavorless so my favorite gluten free chocolate cake mixes still remain King Arthur Flour and Pamela's Products.

After the cake pops cooled, I melted the vegan chocolate chips in a glass bowl in the microwave. I heated for only one minute at a time, stirring thoroughly in between heatings. Once the chocolate began to melt, I added a little sunflower oil (because of its light flavor) to thin the chocolate out a little.

Once the chocolate was the perfect thickness for dipping, I took the cake pop stick and dipped the end in the chocolate and then inserted it into the cake pop. I allowed it to harden to secure the stick in the cake pop. 

I then took the cake pop and rolled into the melted chocolate making sure to completely cover the cake pop. I had to reheat the chocolate a few time to keep it the perfect consistency.

Once done, I sprinkled the cake pops with India Tree gluten, dairy and dye free sprinkles.

India Tree GFCF Dye Free Sprinkles

Once done, I stuck the cake pops in a piece of floral foam to harden. See below.

Our Valentine's Day Cake Pops drying while stuck in the floral foam
The finished cake pop
Just on a side note, I just recently tried to make this recipe with a brownie mix and it did not work. The cake pops stuck to the pan and then proceeded to fall apart...bummer. The kids did have fun eating the broken pieces through.

Brownie Pops did not turn out
The GFCF Cake Pops idea with the vegan white chocolate chips and dye free sprinkles get a thumbs up from both Sammy and me.

As for the Pure Pantry chocolate cake mix review, I give it a thumbs down. King Arthur Flour and Pamela Products make a much better tasting chocolate cake mix.


  1. Kim, those cake pops are gorgeous! I never knew the trick about dipping into chocolate to secure cake to stick. Can I ask what brand of cake pop pan you have? Also, I've never found vegan white chocolate chips anywhere. Did you buy online?

  2. Hi Irene,
    Thank you! I used this cake pop They work really well but are non-stick. I saw one by Nordicware as well. The Vegan chocolate chips, I ordered from Amazon.

    These are really fun to make with the kids.